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Smart Video Doorbell Troubleshooting

View our guides below to help you set up or fix your Smart Video Doorbell

App Permissions

View our Permissions Page for more details on why we ask for permissions and how to change them.  

WiFi Connection Issues

View our WiFi Connection FAQ for more details on connecting your devices.

What is ``EZ Pairing Mode``?

The device’s light is rapidly blinking for easy, quick pairing setup.

What is ``AP Mode``?

Access Point mode is a secondary setup process in which the device’s light is slowly blinking and requires multiple steps for pairing. Follow the on-screen step by step instructions.

How Do I Set Schedules? (Power and lighting devices have scheduling functions)

1:  To set a schedule, go to the device control screen and click on “schedules”

2:  Click “Add” button or “+” symbol (in top right corner)

3:  Set the START time (when device should turn on)

4:  Set the END time (when device should turn off)

5:  Set the days you want the schedule to be active

6:  Click save

Can I Share My Devices With Friends and Family?


There are two ways to share your devices with another phone. It is not necessary to remove devices from the original account.

1: Just log in with the same Energizer Connect account information on the additional phone

2: Create another account

  • A:  First, create the second account for the additional phone.
  • B:  Log in to the new account on the additional phone.
  • C:  Go to the device that you want to share
  • D:  Open the device settings by selecting the ellipsis icon (…) in the top right corner
  • E:  Select Shared Devices > Add Sharing
  • F:  Enter the account information of the account you wish to share with. Then click “Completed” on the top right of screen
  • G: Once the device is shared with the second account, visit the Shared Devices section.
    • This is accessed via the home screen by selecting the menu icon in the top left corner. Then select Shared Devices.

Can I Rename My Devices?


1:  Simply go to the device control screen that you want to rename

2:  Click the ellipse symbol (3 dots) at the top right corner

3:  Click on “Name” and then type the new name

4:  Click confirm

Can I Group Devices Together?


1:  Simply go to the device control screen that you want to group

2:  Click the ellipses symbol (3 dots) at the top right corner

3:  Click “Create Group” or “Group”

4:  Select the items you want to group together, click OK

5:  Enter a group name, click save or confirm

6:  Your group will now appear in the Panel screen, notated with the group icon

How Do I Turn On ``Motion Detection`` For My Camera

1:  First, you need to make sure your camera has a microSD card

  • The outdoor camera has a 16GB memory card built into it
  • The Pan/Tilt and Indoor Fixed cameras will require a memory card (up to 64GB)

2:  Go to the camera live stream screen and click on the “Alarm” button

3:  Turn on the “Motion Detection Alarm” switch

4:  Set it to either “All day” or “Schedule”

5:  Select the motion detection sensitivity (Low, Medium or High)

6:  Go “Back” to the “Live View” screen

7:  Click the ellipses symbol (3 dots) at the top right corner

8:  Go to “SD Card Settings”

9:  Click the “Record Switch”

10:  Select “Event Recording”

11:  Your camera will now record based off motion detection

NOTE: Both the “Motion Detection Alarm” switch and the “Record Switch” must be turned on for motion detected

System Requirements

Listed below are the required specifications needed to properly use the applications that control our products.

  • WiFi router with an internet connection
  • WiFi 2.4GHz 802.11n
  • Android 6.0 higher
  • iOS 10 or higher
  • Energizer Connect App (on mobile device or tablet)

For Cameras

  • Video streaming may be subject to interruptions or failures for reasons beyond the Energizer® Connect App’s control, such as intermittent WiFi or service provider outages

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