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Automation Scenes

  • Program your outdoor lights to turn on at sunset
  • Set your lights to turn on when your camera or sensor detects motion
  • Have your indoor lights change colors to reflect the weather outside
  • Coordinate your smart plug to activate your other devices

Introducing Smart Scene Automations, the cutting-edge feature that puts the power of intelligent automation at your fingertips. With Smart Scene Automations, you can effortlessly customize your devices to respond intuitively to various triggers and conditions, creating seamless interactions tailored to your needs.

Set the stage for your smart home experience by defining rules and conditions for your devices to follow. Whether it’s triggering actions based on weather, device activity, or specific times, Smart Scene Automations empowers you to orchestrate a symphony of smart behaviors with ease.

Immerse yourself in a world where your devices anticipate your needs and seamlessly adapt to your preferences. Whether you’re enhancing security, optimizing energy efficiency, or simply enhancing your daily routines, Smart Scene Automations revolutionizes the way you interact with your IoT ecosystem.

Unlock the full potential of your smart devices and discover endless possibilities with Smart Scene Automations. Experience the future of home automation today.

Setting up Automations

1. From your app’s home screen, tap the plus sign in the top-right corner

2. Select “Create Scene”

3. Select the trigger for your Automation. For example, tap “When Weather Changes” to automate settings based on temperature, humidity, weather, sunrise/sunset, or wind speed. You must have your location services on or choose a location to use this feature.

4. After selecting “When Weather Changes”, choose the weather condition category that will activate your Automation

You can also select

Tap-to-Run” to automate settings to run with the tap of a button. (click here for more on Tap-to-Run Scenes)

“Fixed Time” to automate settings to run at a specific time of day

“When Device Status Changes” to automate settings using the sensor or based on the status of another device or group

5. Select the specific weather condition or temperature and tap “Next” in the top right corner

6. Tap the pink plus sign in the “If” section to repeat Steps 3-5 to include as many conditions as you wish

7. Tap the pink plus sign in the “Then” section

8. Select the action to run when the conditions are met. For example, tap “Control Single Device” to choose from your available devices and Groups (click here for more on Groups)

9. After selecting “Control Single Device”, select the function you want to be controlled by the Automation

10. Select the setting you want for that function

11. Repeat steps 9-10 until you have selected all the settings you wish to automate for that device

12. Tap “Next” in the top right corner

You can also select

“Select Smart Scenes” to select from any Tap-to-Runs and Automations you have already set up

“Send Notification” to recieve a notification any time the Automation runs

 “Delay the Action” to choose an interval to delay the Automation for once the conditions are met

13. Repeat steps 6-12 for all devices and scenes you want to add to your Automation

14. When you have added all the devices you want to the Automation, tap “Save” on the bottom of your screen

15. Enter the name of the Automation in the dialog box and tap “Confirm”

16. To access all your Automations, start by tapping the three horizontal lines in the top left corner of your screen

17. Tap “Smart Scenes”.

18. You can toggle the Automation on or off with the green button on the bottom right of the Automation box.

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