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Introducing Device Grouping, the feature that elevates your smart home experience to new heights by providing seamless control over collections of similar devices. With Grouping, managing multiple devices simultaneously becomes effortless, allowing you to command them as a cohesive unit with unparalleled ease and efficiency.

Effortlessly organize and group together your devices based on similarity, location, or functionality. Whether it’s a set of light bulbs in your dining room, cameras outside the house, or smart plugs all over the apartment, Grouping empowers you to streamline your control and management.

With just a few taps, you can adjust settings, activate routines, or initiate actions across an entire group of devices, eliminating the need to control each one individually. Whether you’re setting the mood for a movie night, optimizing energy usage, or enhancing security, Grouping puts the power of unified control right at your fingertips.

Experience the convenience and versatility of Grouping today, and discover a smarter way to manage your connected devices. Simplify your smart home management and unlock new levels of efficiency with Grouping.

When to use Device Grouping

Use Grouping when you want to synchronize actions across a set of similar devices, ensuring they all perform the same task simultaneously.

For example, you can group together all the lights in your living room so you can dim or brighten them all at the same time.

Setting up Device Grouping*

1. From your app’s home screen, scroll down to the “All Devices” section and tap on the device category of the device you would like to group

2. Select the device you would like to group

3. Once you are on the device’s home screen tap on the pen icon or three dots in the upper-right corner

4. Tap “Create Group” in the “Others” section

5. Tap on the green plus sign to add other devices to the group

6. Tap “Save” in the upper-right corner

7. Enter the name of your new group in the dialog box and tap “Save”

8. Your group will now show up on your home screen together with all your Energizer Connect device categories. You now have the ability to control all devices in your groups as one

*NOTE: For best results create Groupings of the same products and control using the Color settings. Grouping different Energizer Connect devices with different features may cause communication issues when selecting Scenes.

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