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Tap-to-Run Scenes

One button is all you need for:

  • Good Morning Routine: Tap to turn on bedroom lights and coffee maker simultaneously, setting the perfect start to your day.
  • Outdoor Entertainment: Tap to illuminate backyard lights and power outdoor speakers for a BBQ or evening gathering.
  • Energy Saving Mode: Tap to turn off all lights and power devices before leaving home, ensuring energy efficiency.
  • Home Theater Setup: Tap to dim overhead lights and power on LED strip lights for a cinematic experience.

Introducing Tap-to-Run Scenes, the ultimate convenience feature that puts control right at your fingertips. With Tap-to-Runs, you can effortlessly execute pre-set actions across multiple devices with just a tap of a button, streamlining your daily routines like never before.

Simply customize your Tap-to-Runs to activate a sequence of actions across your connected devices, whether it’s remotely turning on your smart plug, running specific color settings on your lights, or all of those at once. With the power of a single tap, you can create the perfect ambiance for any occasion or task.

Say goodbye to fumbling through multiple apps or remotes to achieve your desired settings. With Tap-to-Runs, everything you need is consolidated into one simple interface, making it easier than ever to orchestrate your smart home environment.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of Tap-to-Runs today, and discover how effortless home automation can truly be. Transform the way you interact with your smart devices and simplify your life with just a tap.

When to use Tap-to-Run Scenes

Tap-to-Runs are your go-to solution when you need individual devices to execute specific, pre-defined actions. If you want each device to perform a unique function or follow a distinct setting, Tap-to-Runs provide the flexibility to tailor these actions to each device’s specifications.

Setting up Tap-to-Run Scenes

1. From your app’s home screen, tap the plus sign in the top-right corner

2. Select “Create Scene”

3. Tap “Tap-to-Run” to create a simple one-button scnene

4. Tap the pink plus sign in the “Then” section

5. Select “Control Single Device”

6. Choose from your available devices

7. Select the function you want to be controlled by the “Tap-to-Run” scene

8. Select the setting you want for that function and tap “Save”

9. Tap “Next” in the top-right corner

10. Repeat steps 4-9 for all devices you want to add to your scene

11. When you have added all the devices you want to the scene, press “Save” on the bottom of your screen

12. Enter the name of the Tap-to-Run scene in the dialog box and tap “Confirm”

13. Your Tap-to-Run scene will now show up on your Home screen. You now have the ability to run all of the pre-set settings simultaneously just by tapping the Tap-to-Run button

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