Smart Wi-Fi 4 Outlet Wall Tap


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  • 4 Outlets: Our tap has 4 outlets to power any items in any space. The top 2 are always on, while the bottom 2 are directly controlled by the Energizer Connect App.
  • Remote Access/Daily Schedules: Download the app to have remote access to your plug and turn it on or off whenever you want. You can also create schedules according to your daily routine and power needs.
  • Alexa! Turn On My Wall Tap:” Our item connects to Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant to provide voice control over it. There’s also a manual button in the center to turn it on or off.
  • Easy-To-Install: The tap plugs into the top socket of a standard electrical outlet, while a small piece connects to the bottom socket to stabilize support while plugged in.
  • Link To Wi-Fi: You’ll be able to connect to your existing home Wi-Fi setup without any additional pieces or complicated hubs required.
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When it comes to power, you want a place to keep multiple items connected when needed. The Energizer 4 Outlet Smart Wi-Fi Wall Tap can provide you with all the power your items require. With 4 outlets, you’ll be able to have everything powered at once. Download the Energizer Connect App and access your tap remotely or schedule according to your daily routine. The top 2 outlets are always powered, while the bottom 2 are linked to your App for complete control. You’ll also be able to link to Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant for full voice activation over your device. Now, our item plugs into a standard electrical 2 wall outlet, that stabilizes to the lower socket. Link it to your existing Wi-Fi setup without any additional hubs or pieces required. Power multiple items for your daily routine with the 4 Outlet Smart Wi-Fi Wall Tap from Energizer.


Additional information

Packaging Weight 6 oz
Packaging Dimensions 4 × 2.2 × 6 in


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