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Smart In-Wall OutletEWO3-1001-WHT-Lifestyle 1EWO3-1001-WHT-Info Graphic 3EWO3-1001-WHT-Info Graphic 1EWO3-1001-WHT-InfoGraph 3EWO3-1001-WHT-InfoGraph 2EWO3-1001-WHT-InfoGraph 1Smart In-Wall OutletSmart In-Wall Outlet
Smart In-Wall Outlet
EWO3-1001-WHT-Lifestyle 1
EWO3-1001-WHT-Info Graphic 3
EWO3-1001-WHT-Info Graphic 1
EWO3-1001-WHT-InfoGraph 3
EWO3-1001-WHT-InfoGraph 2
EWO3-1001-WHT-InfoGraph 1
Smart In-Wall Outlet
Smart In-Wall Outlet

Smart Wifi In-Wall Outlet with USB Port

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Replace your existing in-wall outlet with the upgraded Energizer® Connect Smart In-Wall Outlet with USB. Activate power remotely from your smartphone and group multiple units for greater control. This unit is a 15 Amp residential grade grounding duplex outlet, meaning that it can facilitate 2 power cables (with or without grounding) with a total amperage of up to 15 Amps. The built-in USB port also allows you to plug a USB cable directly into the unit without an adapter. Take control of your power with this Smart In-Wall Outlet.

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  • Voice Control – Works with Amazon Alexa & the Google Assistant
  • Hard Wired – Replace your existing outlet and have direct smart control
  • Built-in USB Port – Power a USB device with built-in 2.4 Amp port
  • Grouping – Control multiple Smart In-Wall Outlets at once
  • Scheduling – Create schedules to turn your Smart In-Wall Outlet on and off
  • Remote Control – Turn your Smart In-Wall Outlet on and off from anywhere
  • WiFi – Use your existing WiFi (2.4GHz), no hub required


Additional information

Packaging Dimensions 4 × 3 × 6 in

WiFi 2.4GHz

Wifi Standard

802.11 b/g/n





Energy Monitoring



1 (2.4amp)

Number of Outlets

2 (1 controlled, 1 always on)


EWO3-1001-WHT - Smart In-Wall Outlet Manual (English)

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