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2.4GHz vs.

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How to distinguish whether I am using a 2.4GHz or 5GHz WiFi network.

For iPhone Mobile Users


1: Download AirPort Utility in the App Store


2: Go to your iPhone’s Settings and scroll down to “AirPort Utility”


3: Turn on “Wi-Fi Scanner”

3 border

4: Open the app and click on “Wi-Fi Scan” in the upper right corner

4 red

5: Click “Scan” in the upper right corner

Channel 1 – 13 band means you are on 2.4GHz

Channel 13+ band means you are on 5GHz

5 red

For Android Mobile Users


Due to the differences between Android phones, there is not a one-fit-all method to determine the frequency of your Wi-Fi network.

On some Android phones, you can click on the connected Wi-Fi name in the Wi-Fi list and the corresponding information will be displayed, including the frequency. See screenshots below.

On some Android phones, you may have to download a “Wi-Fi analyzer” app from the Play Store.


For PC Users

Follow the steps below.

1: Click the Windows button in the bottom left corner of your screen

2: Type in “Wi-Fi”

3: Click on “Wi-Fi Settings”

Step 3

4: Make sure you are on the correct Wi-Fi network and then click “Hardware Properties”

Step 4

5: This is where you will see the information related to your network band

Step 5

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