Doorbell FAQ

Connection Issues

A. Cant Connect

This device requires a 2.4 GHz network frequency. (This is not your internet speed). Please use only this network to connect your device.
If you have previously connected to the 5GHZ network, please have your phone forget this network then reset your Energizer device and reconnect your phone to the 2.4ghz network.
If you only have one network name available, please contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) to have your network broken down into two network IDs. (2.4GHZ and 5GHZ). Some customers are required to activate their 2.4ghz guest account depending on your ISP firewall settings. Please check with your ISP for this option and firewall information. Many users on AT&T routers have this issue, please contact your ISP and they will assit you. If the 2.4ghz network is already available, please have your phone forget the 5ghz network first, then only reconnect to the 2.4ghz network. Once this is completed please reset your router. To do this, unplug the power supply for 30 seconds and then plug the power supply back in. Wait 2 minutes before adding your device.
For Camera Devices OnlyIf the connection fails, please try QR mode located on the main screen. From the Add device list click camera, then press QR mode which will generate a QR code( QR mode is located at the top right of the screen). Please follow the on-screen instructions. We recommend placing your phone’s screen directly in front of the camera lens and slowly move your phone away until you hear a confirmation beep.

B. Failed to Establish

“Failed to establish an encrypted channel” is another way of saying that your phone is unable to connect. Many variables can affect the connection, such as the distance between your router and the wall interior.
If the signal strength on the live stream screen, is above 50 percent you still have a connection to your WIFI. If the signal strength is lower than 50%, you may have actually lost connection to your router. Please check your router for connectivity. Reset your router if needed. If the problem persists, please contact your ISP. If you have a strong signal strength (above 70%) this may be a bandwidth or data streaming issue. Please try accessing your camera using cellular data (disconnect from your WIFI). If this fails you may have to contact your cellular company to determine the proper data plan**. You may also try switching the network frequency if you have a number of devices connected to your 2.4 ghz network. Please try to connect your phone to the 5.0ghz network, then attempt to access your playback options.
**Unlimited does not necessarily mean unlimited at full speed. Unlimited data plans can come with restrictions. Some data plans are truly unlimited and only the speed is throttled.

C. Says Offline

Please check the hardwire connection at the device to ensure there is a good connection. Power loss or poor connection will also cause an offline status.
Please try resetting your router. To do this, please unplug the power supply for 30 seconds and then plug it back in. Resetting your router will sometimes provide better connectivity. The device should be connected to a 2.4 GHz network. Once connected to the network, you can then connect to your 5.0 GHz network or any other network account to view your device.
Try freeing up some space on your 2.4ghz network by moving some devices to a 5.0ghz connection. If you’re still experiencing connectivity issues, such as the device going offline and online, please contact your ISP provider for tips on strengthening your connection and to determine if there is a device limit on your router. You may also want to consider activating your 2.4ghz guest account to isolate your Energizer Connect devices.

Chime issue

D. Mechanical Chime Not Ringing.

If you are unsure of how to install this device, please contact a professional electrician.
Please make sure that the Transformer matches the recommended specifications 8V-24V 10VA (this will vary with multiple doorbell setup) Please try connecting your device without the (optional )power kit.
Try also to create a circuit bridge (requires additional wiring) – Connect an additional terminal wire to the FRONT terminal screw connection. Connect the other end of the terminal wire to the open terminal screw or REAR terminal screw connection.
Still Not Working? We suggest using the wireless chime provided or consult with a professional installer. If still not operational, we can exchange your wireless chime. To proceed with an exchange, please complete the attached RMA form.

E. Hearing a Buzzing Noise?

Try also to create a circuit bridge (requires additional wiring) – Connect an additional terminal wire to the FRONT terminal screw connection. Connect the other end of the terminal wire to the open terminal screw or REAR terminal screw connection.

F. How to Connect A Wireless Chime

To connect the Wireless chime, please visit the chime settings of your device. Select the wireless chime. Choose the Ring option. Please select unbind if this option is available. If unbind is not available, please connect the chime to a wall outlet then press the chime button once (press and release; one click) The light will continuously blink blue. Next Press the”add” button in the Energizer Connect App. Once paired the LED light on the chime will remain solid blue.
i. To connect both Mechanical and Wireless Chimes, first Connect the Mechanical Chime as instructed, then connect the wireless chime (as above). Once both are connected, return to the chime settings in the Energizer Connect Application and switch back to Mechanical Chime. The wireless chime will continue to work.

How To Use Playback

From the camera live view screen you will see a “playback” option.

Click “playback” and it will load the most recent day of captured recordings. You may zoom in on the scroll bar (using the pinch gesture) to make it larger and easier to find the next recorded event and to pinpoint the exact time frame you wish to view. Click on calendar to view the different recordings. Days that have recorded data are highlighted on the calendar.

How To Share

There are two options to share your device with another phone. One option is to provide login information to another phone that has downloaded the Energizer Connect Account. If you do not wish to provide this information, another way to share the device is by creating another account.

a. First, create another account that your second phone can access. Log-in.

b. Next, re-add the device to your original account, if it’s no longer connected. (Skip this step if it is already paired and online).

c. Open the settings on the device and select >shared devices>add sharing>Enter the account information of the account you wish to share with> Completed(top right of screen).

d. Once the device is shared with the second account, visit the shared devices section and select shared devices. This is accessed via the home screen by selecting the hamburger icon in the top left. Then select shared devices

Product Does Not Have a Battery

It must have a WIRED doorbell transformer 8-24V 10VA.

Modified Installation

For consumer safety and to ensure the best performance of this device, we recommend professional installation. Installing this device with modifications outside of the printed guidelines may void the device warranty.

Unbind Request

If “your device is bound to another account” appears,

Please select the blue link on the error page you see after attempting to add.

Another way to remove the device is to log into the account the device was connected to and remove the device. This can be done by selecting the device>device settings> remove the device.

For our customer’s security device unbinding is a process that sometimes requires verification. Once the request is complete a message will be sent via the app feedback portal notifying you when your device is ready to add.

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