Smart Wifi Wireless Chime for Video Doorbell


The Energizer Connect Wireless Chime works in tandem with our WiFi Video Doorbell. The Wireless Chime ensures that you can hear when a visitor rings your Video Doorbell by. Simply plug this device in to any 5V outlet in your home and pair it with your Video Doorbell to hear a chime when the doorbell is rang. You can connect multiple chimes throughout your home to ensure that you will always hear the bell when someone is at the door. You can choose between 4 different chime sounds to customize your experience.

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  • USB Powered – No batteries or installation needed, just plug into your power adapter (not included)
  • Wireless Connection – Chime functions properly within range of Video Doorbell
  • Adjustable Volume – Easily change the chime’s volume through your Energizer® Connect App
  • Multiple Ringtones and Chimes – Customize chime to your liking

Additional information

Packaging Weight 3.20 oz
Packaging Dimensions 3.75 × 1.75 × 4.25 in
Product Dimensions

2.35 × 1 × 2.35 in



Available Ringtones


Volume Control

In App


EOD1-1003 - Smart Wifi Video Doorbell Step 1 (English)
EOD1-1003 - Smart Wifi Video Doorbell STEP 2 (English)
EOD1-1003 - Wireless Chime Guide STEP 3 (English)
EOD1-2003 - Smart Wifi Video Doorbell STEP 1 (French)
EOD1-2003 - Wireless Chime Guide STEP 2 (French)
EOD1-2003 - Wireless Chime Guide STEP 3 (French)

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