Smart Wi-Fi White Indoor Camera

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  • Capture Your Space In Full 1080P HD: All your recordings will be in Full 1080P HD quality, giving you a complete overview of your space with crystal-clear images.
  • Remotely Access Your Recordings From Anywhere: Download the Energizer Connect App to your phone or another connected device and view your camera’s recordings or see the live feed at any time or anywhere. Our App is available from Google Play or the Apple App Store.
  • Instant Motion Alerts In The Event Of Any Movement: If movement is detected in front of your device, instant motion alerts will be sent to all your connected devices.
  • Night Vision Protects Your Space At All Times: Get the same level of quality at night as you would during the day with Night Vision.
  • “Hey Google! Activate My Camera:” Our item is compatible with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa to get full voice control over your device.
  • Save To A MicroSD Card Or Upload To The Cloud: All your recordings can be saved to a MicroSD Card, inserted into its slot, or uploaded to the Cloud. We offer a free 30-day trial of Cloud Storage with every purchase. MicroSD Card not included with our camera and must be purchased separately.
  • Use Your Own Wi-Fi: You’ll be able connect to you own Wi-Fi in your home without any complicated setups or hubs needed.
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With the Energizer® Smart Wi-Fi White Indoor Camera, you can protect your home in an instant. Recording your space in Full 1080P HD, you’ll have crisp, clear videos that can be remotely accessed from anywhere. By downloading the Energizer Connect App, you’ll be able to access your camera on your phone, or any other device, to view the live feed or access your recordings. Instant motion alerts will be sent if any movement is detected, and the two-way audio feature allows you to speak to anyone presently caught on camera. Our item also features Night Vision, which provides the same high-quality crystal-clear images during the evening as they do during the day. We also support Voice Control options including Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa to provide you with full functionality over your camera. You’ll be able to save your recordings on a MicroSD Card or upload them to the Cloud. We also offer a free 30-day Cloud Storage trial with every purchase of our camera. At the same time, you can easily connect to your home’s Wi-Fi without any complicated setup, hubs, or cumbersome add-ons. Protect your space with the Smart Wi-Fi White Indoor Camera and start recording today.

Additional information

Packaging Weight 9.2 oz
Packaging Dimensions 4 × 3 × 6 in

4 reviews for Smart Wi-Fi White Indoor Camera

  1. Amity Richardson

    Don’t know not familiar with the camera

  2. Shannon Webb

    It’s a great little cam. 1080i HD small enough to put in bigger areas while still not being noticed or seem. Great for anything from kids ball games to recording you cheating spouse and their cute little kitty named Ms.Meow. Highly recommend if you’re in need of an HD quality live stream viewing via app from store. App could use work but it works good enough for what I’m doing with it. Get one.

  3. Dakota

    Sucks, only visibly See’s up to 15 ft , doesn’t capture motion just random pictures

  4. Nathan Johnson

    “Hey Google! Activate My Camera:” Our item is compatible with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa to get full voice control over your device.
    This is a completely false claim. Give it a try, call technical support and ask them to assist you connecting this or any other Energizer camera to alexa so you can view the video on alexa show. It is NOT compatible, and you will be told that they are still working on it, for 3 years now.

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